Aromaworks Bespoke Facial

The Aromaworks Absolute Facial (60 mins)

A luxury,bespoke treatment, customised for your skins individual needs

- Nourish  

A skin brightening,deep hydration boost.Targets skin elasticity and uneven skin tone

- Balance  

A deep cleansing and purifying treatment for oily or problem skin. Regulates skin oil production,reducing pore size and calming breakouts

- Restore 

Calming and soothing for sensitive, stressed skin. The use of bio-active ingredients and essential oils provides immediate skin relief

-Rejuvenate Pro Youth 

Premium anti- ageing treatment,Intensively moisturises,regenerates cell production and tones.Targets lines and wrinkles,smooths skin texture and firms lax skin

The Absolute Express Facial (30mins)

A condensed treatment to revitalise,restore,rejuvenate and repair

The Absolute Eye Treatment (25mins)

A concentrated treatment targeting dark circles, puffiness,lax skin and wrinkles

The Absolute Deluxe Facial (75mins)

The ultimate facial. Bespoke luxury facial with added intensive eye treatment

What Does The Treatment Involve?

At The Beauty House we use Aromaworks London luxury products for our facials to restore balance, soothe and nourish the skin.

The following is a description of The Absolute Bespoke Facial

The first stage is consultation,with your therapist discussing your skin requirements and concerns with you. The most appropriate facial products will then be selected for your skin type.

We begin our facials with a foot cleanse and pressure point activation

Your skin will then be deeply cleansed and gently exfoliated using warm mitts,purifying and reviving 

You will then have your mask and facial massage, tailored to your skins needs.This stimulates micro circulation,feeds,hydrates and nourishes the skin and rejuvinates and stimulates muscle tone

Whilst your mask is on you can choose from a deeply relaxing hand or foot massage

You will then have eye serum applied to reduce dark circles and smooth the eye area

Your skin will then have day cream applied to lock in the benefits of the bespoke products used within your treatment 

Your treatment is now complete and your therapist will give you aftercare advice and recommended products for homecare use that will keep your skin in premium condition

Should you wish to find out more details about this beauty treatment please do not hesitate to contact the salon.