What Is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis uses a diathermy current to weaken the hair growth and to stop the growth after a series of treatments. The technique is all about eliminating hair growth in a designated area while leaving the skin completely undamaged. Once the hair is removed the skin's appearance and texture remain exactly the same.

There are several forms of electrolysis available and The Beauty House uses the most popular: Epilation.


What Does The Treatment Involve?

The initial stage is a consultation with one of our beauty therapists to discuss the electrolysis itself and the best course of action for the client. The treatment itself involves a probe - a sterile, disposable needle for every client - inserted into the hair follicle up to the hair root/bulb. A mild electric current is then passed through the probe generating heat at its tip which releases energy into the moist bulb area of the hair, cauterising the hair root and eventually destroying the active hair-producing area of the follicle. The hair is removed and the follicle's capacity to regenerate new hair is reduced. The procedure for each follicle only takes a few seconds.


Is Electrolysis Painful?

Though the treatment can not really be described as being painful it can be fair to say that some clients do feel slight discomfort. The best way to describe the sensation is a quick flick to the skin. Sometimes there is a feeling of heat in the area as well. From a visual point of view slight redness can sometimes occur on a treated area which usually lasts for only a few hours.


Which Areas Of The Body Are Usually Treated?

The most common areas are around the face, especially the upper lip, chin, eyebrow area.


How Many Sessions Will I Need?

During your consultation the beauty therapist should be able to give you an idea who long the course of electrolysis will take. Factors that are taken into account include the size of the area plus the strength and maturity of the hair. For instance, if the hairs have previously been removed by plucking then growth in the area is generally stronger because the follicle has been stimulated. It is easier for the therapist to establish how long the course of electrolysis will take once the treatments have started.


What Sort Of Aftercare Is Involved?

It is advisable to use an aftercare lotion on the treated area in order to soothe the skin. Things to avoid for 24 hours include sunbathing, sunbeds, perfume, soap and make-up. The therapist will advise you further immediately after your treatment.

If you would like to know more about electrolysis please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01626 835381 or just drop into the salon.

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