Indian Head Massage 


This is a particularly effective form of massage that provides instant relief from tension and stress. It is also one where the client can stay fully clothed.

Duration: approx. 30 minutes.


• relieves stress and tension

• improves blood circulation

• promotes hair growth and a healthy scalp

• boosts lymphatic flow and drainage

• improves mobility of head, neck and shoulders

• loosens a tight neck

• address insomnia and sleeping disorders

• tackles headaches, especially tension headaches

• improves concentration and alertness

What's involved:

With the client seated, the beauty therapist carefully kneads the muscles around key areas, using different massage pressures and rhythms which stimulate the head, neck, upper back and shoulder area. It also involves stroking and stimulating pressure points around the face. The sensation of the release of stress and tension can be felt immediately.

An Indian Head Massage also addresses knots and nodules in the muscles. They are gently broken down and toxins are dispersed from the tense muscles. This relaxes the whole body and improves blood circulation.

This form of massage comforts, soothes and re-balances your energy flow, clearing blocks in your energy channels. The result is a feeling of peace and tranquility.

A Brief History of the Indian Head Massage:

Sometimes this form of massage is referred to as Champissage. It is simple, effective and has been practiced in India for over a thousand years. Originally the technique mainly concentrated on the head and hair alone in the interests of improving women's hair, especially because of the improved blood flow around the scalp. The Indian Head Massage that is around today was developed, and indeed brought to the west, by Narendra Mehta. The technique now not only massages the head but also the face, neck, shoulders and upper arms. While continuing to improve blood circulation around the head and scalp, the treatment now tackles stress in the muscles of these new upper body areas and also boosts the body's energy channels.

What was originally a very practical and enjoyable head massage to make hair healthy has today become an altogether incredibly relaxing experience which not only addresses mainly ailments but also improves the feeling of well being.

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