Hot Stone Massage 

This treatment is both popular and luxurious. This is an excellent method of deep tissue massage which addresses knots, tension and stress.

A hot stone massage is a deeply relaxing form of massage that involves using smooth basalt stones. The heat from them help the muscles relax which in turn results in a deeply relaxing massage.

Before the treatment the stones are immersed in warm water with aromatherapy oils. The initial stage of a hot stone massage involves the beauty therapist warming up the body muscles with a traditional Swedish Massage. This is followed by the therapist holding one of the heated stones and, by using a pressure that is comfortable to client, penetrates the muscles and tissues to ease muscular tension there by releasing everyday stresses and strains.

Full body (1 hour)

Back (30 mins)

Why not have a dual treatment and enjoy a hot stones at the same time as a friend or loved one? Two therapists can treat you both in the same room.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to find out more information.