This is the expert tanning system. The healthy glow without the sun. 

At The Beauty House we use top brands St Tropez and Zen Tan spray tans. Your therapist will advise you on the best brand for your skin tone.

Spray tanning uses a very fine mist to cover the body, virtually eliminating streaks or patchiness, and only takes 10 minutes.

It is left to develop for between 1-8 hrs depending on the depth of colour you wish to achieve, and then showered off.

The salon manual treatment includes exfoliation, moisturising and the application of a St. Tropez  tanning lotion and takes around 45 minutes. The skin is exfoliated first, followed by the moisturising St. Tropez lotion which is first applied and then buffed. A tan develops over the next three hours and is ideally left on overnight.

How Long Does A Tan Last?

The beauty therapist will advise you on how you can get the best out of your new tan which will last seven to ten days providing you moisturise and exfoliate and can be extended by purchasing a daily moisturiser/tan from the salon.